Thandiwe Mchumba Ashanti, our tribe mother, was born on the 10th of june 2010.

Luna is a beautiful harmoniously constructed bitch, has a very fine character. Is sweet like a lady belongs. She has the the will to please and is always in for play. Her hips and elbows are X-rad, the results HD/A, and ED/OCD free. She is JME free (N/N). See certificate of family tree below.

In 2013 she became second in a very competitive class (the class consisted of more than 35 grown-up female RR). The owner of the Kimani Kennel judged her class and complimented her. She said: “I like your puppy dog.  She is beautiful.”

We have bred two litters with her (an A and B litter).

Thandiwe Mchumba Ashanti