Themba is the pregnancy of Aresvuma Simba Sultani. In mid october 2018 we expect the puppies to be born.

The reason we opted for Aresvuma Simba Sultani is because we wanted a male who also shows at an older age that he is youthful, playful and active in his behavior. A Rhodesion Ridgeback that very well meets the breed picture and characteristics that you can expect from the breed.

We also went looking for a male who fits Themba (Thandiwe Akanka by Jazz). We have bred Themba ourselves. She has very good parents and ancestors, who all have achieved a respectable age. The mother of Themba, we call her Luna (Thandiwe Mchumba Ashanti) is now eight and a half years old. She still looks beautiful, is active and despite her age she is still in for a game. A long walk in the dunes of about 2 hours, sh

e still does not shy away from. The parents of Luna have also achieved a respectable age. Themba not only looks like her mother in appearance, but also shows the same behavior. Above all, they are both very friendly to other people and especially to children.

When we met Simba, for the cover we were perplexed. He is beautiful both in appearance and character, and despite he is a little bit older he is still in a very good condition. He has shown that he has the right job characteristics. In his character test he scored the highest score and he has bloodtracking II. Simba has shown that he passes on his beauty and characteristics well. He has become Russian and Finnish champion and also his offspring is doing very well both at shows and in training.

The combination we have chosen is a line with on the famous VIZARA bloodlines. In the pedigree you will find the famous Vizara Dazi Yardena.

From this combination we expect very healthy and strong puppies, which will fit very well into the breed and especially dogs with a very good character.