Themba will be mated in march/april 2023. Puppies are expected in may/june 2023.

Themba has remained empty in august last year. March/april 2023 we try again.

News august 2022.

Themba has had a brilliant nest in oktober 2018, with very beautiful offspring. The puppy from this litter are now 4 years old and have evolved into healthy, stable and especially sweet Rhodesion Ridgebacks. We are very satisfied with the offspring of Aresvuma Simba Sultani and Themba.

Due to the success of Themba's previous (first) litter, we have decided to have her mated for a second time. Also now our choice has fallen on a male far from here. It is a sweet, beautiful, but above all healthy Ridgeback, which fits very nicely with Themba's pedigree.

News oktober 2018.

Three generations, grandmother Luna is introduced to her grandson.

10th Day, puppies have opened their eyes.

Puppies are already 10 days old and are doing very well. Themba cares for her puppies very well and gives them plenty of nutrition they need.

CORPORATION litter is born.
Saterday, 13th October Themba gave birth to 9 pups. 3 Females and 6 males. Expected 4 days earlier. One of the 9 pups suffers from being born prematurely. A check by the vet has shown that all pups are healthy and that Themba has passed the delivery well.

News: New pups in october 2018

Proud we are announcing our new upcoming litter in autumn 2018. We have decided to breed with the next generation of Luna. Her name is Thandiwe Akanka By Jazz (Vizara Nenga Nenga x Thandiwe Mchumba Ashanti), we call her Themba. She was born on the 17th of october 2014. I have bred her by myself. She is HD A and ED free, and also free of JME (N/N). We showed her in 2016 on the clubmatch in Holland. In a very competitive class she got an excellent rating. We have shown her on more events, for instance on the Europeon Dogshow in Brussels. She also got graded with an excellent rating.

More information read 'breeding'!