Mchumba kennel has e new family member. Her name is 'Mchumba Enzi by Opie', our third generation!

It took some time to take a nice photo of her, but when the female leaves for a while she waits until she returns.

Beauty and brains. Enzi is not only very beautiful, but also knows how to use her nose properly. Just like her parents and grandparents from many generations ago. Enzi will be trained for mantrailing.

Enzi also has a very impressive pedigree, with mainly African parents and grandparent, combined with the Vizara bloodline (under which Vizara Jukati and Vizara Likoma Lechaim). In the future we will select a number of international shows for her. If the results of all these shows are positive and she meets all health characteristics associated with the breed, we will have a litter with her.

But for now the most important thing, her youth! We give her plenty of time to grow up into a beautiful, healthy, but especially uninhibited Rhodesian Ridgeback.

Mchumba Enzi By Opie